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MP eBike Adventures - Geführte eBike Tour - Hamburger Hafen

sunrise on

Port of Hamburg

with a view to

the Elbphilharmonie

Do you already know exactly where you want to go or would you like to discover Hamburg on your own? Then you can rent your eBike - by the hour, day or week - online, by telephone or in the e-bike store.

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Warum wir?

eBike tours - why with us?

We love fresh air!  
We love discovering! 
We love Hamburg & the north!
We love eBikes! 

And we are happy to share our treasures with you!

In other words, we put our heart and soul into it. And do our job with a lot of pride and the sincere desire to make our customers - i.e. you - happy and satisfied! Because exploring Hamburg and the surrounding area in this way is really fun and simply good for the soul.


With the bike we can discover corners that cannot be reached by car. We show you Hamburg from a new perspective, one of the most common comments in 2020 was:


I've never been here before...

Hamburger Abendblatt - 04.03.2022

e-bike tours
in the heath

Michael Poliza travels the world as a photographer. Since Corona he has been offering e-bike tours in the north - also on Sylt and on the Schlei.

We have great bikes.

Unsere RIESE & MÜLLER eBike Flotte sucht ihresgleichen auf der Welt. Unseres Wissens nach hat kein anderer eBike Touren Anbieter so hochqualitative eBikes im Programm. Mehr darüber hier.

Michael Poliza eBike Tour Lüneburger Heide zum Sonnenaufgang
We drive at special times. 

Whenever makes sense, we offer you our tours at particularly good times. One of our highlights, for example, is the Lüneburg Heath at sunrise. The impressions and pictures you can take home with you are unforgettable. Other people can hardly be seen. We can enjoy everything in peace and when the hustle and bustle starts, we're already on our way back.

MP eBike Adventures Sylt Tour.jpg
We ride in small groups.

Anyone who has ever tried to cross a traffic light in a large group of cyclists knows what we are talking about. Rarely do they all come over at the same time. We therefore limit our freely bookable tours to a maximum of 8 participants. This means more flexibility and also more personal support.


We are a bit more flexible for private tours. We can sometimes ride with larger groups because we then increase the number of guides. And also be able to incorporate other very special experiences .

eBike tour Lüneburg.jpeg
Wir haben wunderschöne Routen.

The importance of a good route is often underestimated when it is so important. Each route we offer has been carefully researched and optimized several times. It was not simply downloaded from one of the many portals. It's not about driving the shortest route between two places, but the most beautiful!

We only drive certain routes at certain times. Anyone who has ever driven along the Elbe in the direction of Blankenese on Sunday afternoon knows that it's no fun at all because it's just too crowded. So we only drive with you in the early morning or during the week. The harbor should also be avoided during the weekday afternoon. Just too much traffic. On the other hand, it's great at the weekend.

As you can see, we literally choreograph our routes. And Michael Poliza has a lot of experience there. As an internationally renowned photographer, he has a special feeling for the beauty of our planet. His more than a dozen illustrated books, which are sold in over 70 countries, are quite credible proof of this.

ICON CM on white.png
Our criteria for driving fun and unique moments

As often as possible away from roads, away from traffic.

A cycle path next to a busy federal highway is a no-go for us. We're trying to avoid that with all our might.


Our bikes all have tires that are also very well suited for forest and field paths. This allows us to ride off the normal cycle paths without any problems.

There must be a lot of beautiful or new things to see.

The tours run along the edges of the forest, past meadows, water and fields. Bridges, windmills, beautiful houses, great landscapes are all welcome ingredients.  Our routes are not just for Hamburg visitors. But on the contrary. We also show the die-hard Hamburgers a few corners that they have probably never seen before.

As few technical stops as possible.

We like to stop often for small breaks, picnics or similar at special places. But often waiting at a traffic light is not our ideal. So we try to lay out our routes in such a way that we have to drive through traffic lights as little as possible. 

We look forward to your special requests.

We are very happy to offer you very special and tailor-made tours especially for your family or company. We can customize routes, organize special picnics and even whole meals in wonderful locations. We have our own catering department for this.  You can read more here.

Questions? Just give us a call: +49(0)40 27166 855 or book your tours here.

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