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Michael Poliza Making Friends Tour

Making Friends Tour

In recent years we have noticed that you can often meet nice people while riding a bike.

Creating Memories

This is exactly what became clear to us on our tours last year. As a participant, you have a lot in common: cycling, the desire for fresh air, exercise and discovery!


In this atmosphere, getting to know each other takes place in a completely informal manner . You chat with someone for a few minutes and maybe with someone else after the next turn. During the breaks, conversations can be deepened and in the end you often get to know someone new quite well.

No matter whether man or woman. This is primarily about friendships, stimulating conversations, inspiring acquaintances and, of course, exercise with people in the fresh air. 

We will initially offer a MAKING FRIENDS tour for a maximum of 10 participants every Sunday around 2-3 hours before sunset. In order for this to work, you can only book these tours for yourself. So if you want to have someone else with you, then this person must book themselves. Of course, you can also give this tour as a gift.

New in Hamburg? To visit? Hanseatic for ages?

This tour is suitable for everyone and can take place in any season.  


A nice way to get to know Hamburg better and make new friends at the same time!

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